Planing for LOT

Before minting $LOT, to ensure complementary uses and development, the zoning of Metaverse World in each area will be carefully planned.
Here is the zoning plan of an area
  • First, the MissionMap Team will mint 1,000 pieces of NFT on the specified area, with each NFT piece marked with $LOT id from 1 to 1,000. The minted NFTs will not include the coordinates of each specific zone, and the featured image will only be a representative image of the above area.
  • After selling 500 pieces of NFT, 50% of the tokens will be transferred to the ADP fund (in which the create-to-earn ADP fund accounts for 40% of the total ADP fund). Based on the level of ADP create-to-earn fund reaching a sufficient level for planning, the MissionMap Team will use this fund to hire planning experts to plan the area above.
  • Planning experts will offer 3 planning options and separate them into 1,000 land lots in the above area.
  • Sharks will use their $LOT to vote for the planning option and select the final planning option. Voting will take place within 1 day. Which option is the most chosen, that is the last planning option (Note: It will cost a small BNB cost fee to update this data)
  • With this planning board, MissionMap will partition the Metaverse world in the above area. According to planning, each zone has specific information like boundary, representation image, and land using function.
  • Next, MissionMap will open the random spinning program for Sharks to choose land on Metaverse. The Sharks will use the $LOT they have in the above area to randomly spin, with 1 $LOT they own will correspond to 1 parcel of land on Metaverse.
  • The spinning process is wholly random, will follow the FCFS mechanism, and will open soon for the Sharks who have participated in the planning vote. (For each Sharks participating in the planning vote, there will be 2 chances to spin for 1 $LOT that they own. And Sharks who do not participate in this program will be opened later.
  • During the spinning process, Shark can randomly spin 2 or more adjacent parcels of land (These cells will not be separated). These parcels of land will require the corresponding number of $LOT. Shark has 2 options:
    a. Respin to another plot of land that matches the existing $LOT.
    b. Using the corresponding $LOT number to select the adjacent parcel of land above. In case of Sharks does not have enough $LOT for adjacent plots of land but still wants to own adjacent plots of land, Shark will bring the option: Hold adjacent plots of land. These parcels of land will be held temporarily for 1 week. Within 1 week, if Shark has to have enough $LOT, can own the above adjacent plots of land. Otherwise, adjacent parcels of land will be released for other Sharks to possess.
  • When rotating into a land plot, the above parcels of land will be updated to the $LOT that Shark owns (including boundary, representative image, and land using planning). Note: It will cost a small BNB cost to update this data.
  • With each $LOT after being attached, parcels of land will be activated, and the Sharks will be able to mount constructions on the land they own to suit their land using planning.