Find a Local Tour Guide

Description: In this use case, Tom, an enthusiastic traveler, utilizes MissionMap during his visit to destination XYZ to find a knowledgeable and reliable local tour guide. By leveraging the MissionMap platform, Tom can create a mission tailored to his specific location, ensuring he receives personalized tour guide recommendations for his travel destination.


  1. Destination Selection: Upon arriving at destination XYZ, Tom opens the MissionMap app and selects "Create Mission." He specifies that he is looking for a local tour guide in the XYZ area to explore the city's attractions and gain insights into its culture and history.

  2. Location-Based Mission: In the mission details, Tom sets the mission's location as XYZ, ensuring that only tour guides registered within the XYZ area can view and participate in the mission.

  3. Preferred Experiences: Tom outlines his preferences and interests, detailing the type of experiences he seeks during his tour. He may request specific landmarks to visit, food to try, or activities to engage in, allowing tour guides to offer tailored proposals.

  4. Reward Offer: As an incentive for tour guides, Tom sets a reward for the chosen guide, which can be in the form of any tokens. This encourages local tour guides to provide exceptional service and personalized tour experiences.

  5. Tour Guide Engagement: Tour guides registered within the XYZ area can browse through available missions on MissionMap and find Tom's mission. Interested guides can then submit proposals, introducing themselves and showcasing their expertise and proposed itinerary for Tom's tour.

  6. Evaluating Proposals: Tom reviews the proposals from interested tour guides, considering their qualifications, recommendations, and proposed itineraries. He can communicate directly with the guides to discuss details and ask questions.

  7. Selecting the Guide: After carefully evaluating the proposals, Tom selects the tour guide who aligns best with his preferences and requirements. He confirms the tour details, including the date, time, and meeting point, with the chosen guide.

  8. Guided Exploration: Tom embarks on a guided exploration of destination XYZ with the chosen local tour guide. Throughout the tour, he uses MissionMap to interact with the mission, providing real-time feedback and earning rewards for completing tasks and activities recommended by the guide.

Note: The Tom Creates a Mission to Find a Local Tour Guide in Destination XYZ use case showcases how MissionMap empowers travelers to find the ideal tour guide based on their specific location and preferences. By creating a location-based mission, Tom ensures that he receives personalized recommendations from tour guides familiar with destination XYZ. The integration of MIZ tokens as a reward incentivizes tour guides to offer exceptional services, ultimately enhancing the overall travel experience and fostering a collaborative travel community on MissionMap.

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