In MissionMap, a mission refers to a specific task or challenge that users can undertake to earn rewards within the platform. There are two types of missions available:

  • Spot Mission: A spot mission involves completing a task at a specific coordinate on the map. Users can explore their surroundings and find spot missions nearby to participate in.

  • Area Mission: An area mission requires completing a task within a designated area on the map. Mission Takers can engage with area missions that encompass a larger geographic region.

Mission Maker

A Mission Maker on MissionMap is an individual or entity responsible for creating and managing missions within the platform. Mission Makers have the ability to design and customize tasks, set reward parameters, and specify the location or area where the mission will take place. They play a crucial role in building engaging and diverse missions that attract Mission Takers to participate.

Mission Taker

Mission Takers have the opportunity to explore and engage with various spot missions and area missions available on the MissionMap platform. Through the intuitive map interface or the community dashboard, users can easily browse and select missions that align with their interests and preferences. By participating in these missions, Mission Takers contribute to the growth of the platform's community and earn rewards for their active involvement.

Submissions For Missions

In MissionMap, there are 8 different types of submissions for missions:

  1. Text: Mission Takers can submit textual responses or descriptions related to the mission's requirements or objectives.

  2. Image: Mission Takers can upload images to showcase completion of the mission or provide relevant visual information.

  3. Video: Mission Takers can submit videos as evidence of completing the mission or to share relevant content.

  4. Social: Social submissions allow Mission Takers to interact with the mission through social media platforms like Twitter, Discord, or others.

  5. Location: Mission Takers can use their device's location to verify their presence at a specific location or complete location-based missions.

  6. Quiz: Mission Takers can answer a quiz test as evidence of completing the mission

  7. Referral: Mission Takers can refer friends to join the campaign as evidence of completing the mission

  8. OnChain Activities: Mission Takers can do on-chain activities like swap, bridge, mint NFT, ... as evidence of completing the mission


LOT NFTs represent specific geographical areas on the MissionMap platform. Each region, whether it's a neighborhood, district, city, or country, is divided into 1,000 limited pieces of LOT NFTs, each with an equal value. These LOT NFTs are bounded within their respective areas.

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