MissionMap Business Model

MissionMap is built on a robust business model that revolves around essential components of the Business Model, ensuring its growth and effectiveness. The following are the three most important components of the MissionMap Business Model:

  1. Customer Segments:

    • Mission Takers: Individuals interested in participating in location-based missions to earn rewards and engage with their communities.

    • Mission Makers: Organizations, businesses, or individuals looking to create missions for various purposes, such as data collection or community building

    • NFT Holders: Investors or individuals holding LOT NFTs who have a stake in specific areas and can participate in the governance of community development through voting and decision-making.

  2. Value Proposition

    • Earning Opportunities: For Mission Takers, the chance to earn tokens, NFTs, or points by completing missions.

    • Community Engagement: For Mission Makers, the ability to build and engage communities for data collection, social interactions, or help requests.

    • Empowering NFT Holders with Commission Rewards: As NFT Holders, users receive an additional benefit from their ownership of LOT NFTs. They are entitled to receive 50% of the commission collected from the 20% platform fee generated for each completed mission. This means that NFT Holders enjoy a direct financial incentive and are rewarded for their contribution to the MissionMap ecosystem. Additionally, NFT Holders have a voice in the governance of their associated areas, allowing them to influence the allocation of community pool funds and platform fee distribution.

    • Empowering Participation in DAO with Dedicated Budget and Sustainable Revenue: DAO have access to a dedicated budget of 500 LOT NFTs, enabling them to initiate and support their community. Secondly, DAO receives a sustainable revenue stream derived from 5% of the commission rewards, further incentivizing their engagement and long-term commitment to the MissionMap community.

  3. Revenue streams

    • Commission Collection: A 20% commission on mission rewards is collected, with 5% allocated to the MissionMap ecosystem as a revenue stream.

    • LOT NFTs Sales: MissionMap generates revenue by selling LOT NFTs to users who wish to acquire ownership of specific geographic areas on the platform. These LOT NFT sales contribute to the platform's overall revenue and help fund further development and expansion of the MissionMap ecosystem.

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