Community Model

MissionMap is committed to building a vibrant and engaged community that goes beyond mission makers and takers. We believe in encouraging investors and NFTs holders in the market to actively contribute to our community, as their financial strength and support are essential in creating a thriving ecosystem for MissionMap. Our community-building model revolves around three core components:

  1. Utilizing a 10% commission for LOT NFTs Holder

When any commission is collected from a particular area represented by a LOT NFT, 10% of the commission revenue will be distributed to the NFTs holders within that area (divided equally among them). This mechanism incentivizes NFTs holders and investors to retain and hold LOT NFTs, fostering their active participation in the MissionMap community.

  1. Utilizing a 5% commission for Community Development

From the 20% commission collected, 5% will be allocated to the community pool of the corresponding area. This ensures that 5% of the reward will be channeled directly toward community development within that specific region. Thus, 20% of the commission collected from MissionMap rewards is divided into three parts: 5% for revenue streams of MissionMap, 10% for LOTs NFT holders, and 5% for community pools.

  1. Allocating 500 LOT NFTs per Area for Community Development

Out of the 1,000 LOT NFTs in each region, MissionMap will only INO 500 NFTs to the market, while the remaining 500 NFTs will be directly transferred to the community pool of that area. This community pool will act as a development fund, dedicated to fostering community growth and supporting initiatives within the region.

  1. Establishing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) for Each Area

Each region will have its own DAO comprising NFTs holders within that area. These DAOs will have voting power over the allocated budget, including the 500 LOT NFTs and the 5% commission revenue from mission rewards. This mechanism empowers the local community to self-govern and make decisions on how to utilize the resources for the development of missions and activities within their region.

Through the LOT NFTs and Community Model, MissionMap aims to create a decentralized and self-sustaining ecosystem where community members actively participate, contribute, and benefit from the platform's growth. By engaging investors, NFTs holders, and local communities, we aspire to establish a dynamic and thriving MissionMap ecosystem that enhances the experience for all stakeholders involved.

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