What is MissionMap?

MissionMap is the first NFT project to combine Do-mission-to-Earn, Do-business-to-earn, Create-to-earn, and Play-to-earn.
Inspired by the movie "Ready Player One" (directed by Steven Spielberg) the metaverse that META (Facebook company) is creating, we have created MissionMap to bring all missions and businesses from the real world, especially those in the real estate industry, to the metaverse. We believe an economy based on the real world is the missing piece to build a complete, sustainable metaverse.
The concept of MissionMap is based on the common need to delegate tasks (e.g. collecting data, marketing, checking-in, etc.). MissionMap is the place where you can create or find all these missions, complete them and make an earning. Businessmen have more customers and Investors can make passive income in MissionMap by owning NFTs - which represent real land lots, and are entitled to a piece of income made by mission doers therein.
Our Mission is to build this reality-based metaverse to the fullest. This is where we started.