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"We are at the beginning of the next chapter for the internet" - This is the opening sentence in Founder's Letter of Mark Zuckerburg (Founder & CEO of Facebook - now Meta). The letter was sent to all his Facebook users on October 28, 2021. Mark Zuckerburg wants to orient Facebook not only as a social networking company but as a crucial part of the world that Facebook itself will build with other companies in the next era - the METAVERSE era.
MissionMap Metaverse
As a blockchain project in the Metaverse era, MissionMap doesn’t want its users to lose touch of reality. That’s why we are building not just one, but two worlds in our Metaverse. The first one - Reality World - is a world on top of the real world, where players can find different missions based on real life when they travel to different places in the real world. The second one - Sky World - is where people can unleash their creativity and build a whole new world apart from the real world. MissionMap is where two worlds collide and give birth to a new kind: Reality Metaverse.