Two Chapters

The Principles:

MissionMap is designed with the following principles:
  1. 1.
    Two parallel worlds coexist: MissionMap will build into two worlds, Reality World and Sky World, in which Reality World will be the bridge to help move users from the world we live into the Sky World. And each player can switch between those 2 worlds easily.
  2. 2.
    Every role in MissionMap plays importance: all roles participating in MissionMap must be designed to contribute to the Metaverse world and can receive deserving rewards as completion role in the world MissionMap which was created.
  3. 3.
    Ownership of in-app assets: Unlike in regular games or apps where the items and currencies are just mere collectibles, players can own the assets they get. In addition, these assets must bring real value and must be applied to business models from the real world. Also, players can increase the value of their in-app assets by trading

Two phases of MissionMap

Due to the MissionMap project is a project built with a big and long-term vision, therefore, it is divided into 2 chapters:
  • Chapter 1 (2D - The Economy): This is the first phase of the project with a vision within 1-2 years to build a reality blockchain world in which the participants in MissionMap will play a role as creating a sustainable economy and a solid foundation for the future Metaverse world.
  • Chapter 2 (3D - Metaverse): This is the second phase of the project with a vision for the next 2 years. The goal of this phase is to build the Sky World (3D Metaverse world) and transform the economy of phase 1 into the metaverse world in Phase 2.
In order to ensure the vision and mission of the project, in the near future, we will focus on Phase 1 and make the necessary preparations for Phase 2.