There are 3 new characters appearing in Chapter 2:
  • The first character is ARCH (Architect): This is the main character line that shapes the create-to-earn mechanism of the project. At the beginning, MissionMap Team will be one of the architects of the project when implementing the construction of some areas, cities from the real world into the MissionMap world. However, because this is a community project of great significance, MissionMap will encourage capable individuals and organizations to build 3D models for the area, buildings or houses to bring in the MissionMap world and they will join as Architect. The digital assets they create such as houses, shops, and malls can be listed on the marketplace so other participants can buy and build the Metaverse world together.
  • The second character is Gamer: This will be the secondary character line of the MissionMap world. When the MissionMap world is built to become beautiful and shimmering thanks to ARCH, we will make MissionMap a 3D platform map that other game platforms can integrate and use as a custom map. Therefore, it will attract a large number of Gamers to participate in MissionMap. At that time, we also cooperated with existing GameFi projects in the market and especially Zuki Moba, in addition, launched some minigames that we created such as Squidgame, Monopoly,... then the Metaverse world that we build will not only include quests anymore, it will also include activities, games and make the Sky World come alive like never before.
  • The last character that will appear in Chapter 2 will be BIZ (BusinessMan): This is the character line that players join with the main purpose of trading their actual products on both Reality World and Sky World. When the world of MissionMap is built with a large number of Gamers and Mizzers participating, this is a huge and valuable source of customers for real-life businessmen due to businessmen can sell and promote their own business in real life. BIZ will be a customer of SHARK when they will rent out plots and properties on land in MissionMap's Sky World to be able to advertise or sell."
BIZ (BusinessMan)