MissionMap characters

In chapter 1, there are two main characters:
  • MIZZ (Mizzer): This is the main character line of MissionMap when the players participate as mission creators (Mission Maker) and mission hunters (Mission Taker). With Mission Makers, they will want to collect information or find someone who can help them, so they will create tasks and are willing to pay bonus for those who complete the tasks. the above task. For Mission Takers, their goal is to hunt for missions in the area they are active so that they can receive bonus. Mizzer will be a key player in helping the MissionMap world operate and grow and be a huge contributor to the MissionMap economy.
  • SHARK: This is an important character line that helps MissionMap get more resources to build the world of Metaverse when the player plays the role of a real real estate investor. They have a balance in economic as well as building autonomous organization of the system when the player will act as a real real estate investor in the world of MissionMap. SHARK will participate in the sale and exchange of NFT LOTs that represent a parcel of land in MissionMap. They will be a buyer of digital assets to build buildings, houses, stores... on the land they own. Just like the real-world real estate mechanism, the value of 1 LOT corresponds to the ability to build a business model and the cash flow that LOT can bring to Shark when owned.
With these 2 character lines, it is enough to be able to create a Reality World in MissionMap and have a sustainable economy to develop for Chapter 2 of the project.