Economy mechanism

The rules:

MissionMap is a decentralized autonomous metaverse with rules:

Rule 1:

The Mizzer pays 20% tax on earning when completing missions. It includes: 10% (changeable) for Shark (who owns $LOT in the mission area), 5% (fixed) for the MissionMap Team, and 5% (fixed) for ADP (Area Development Pool) of this area. For the 1st year, to encourage Mizzers to join MissionMap, 5% of the ADP Pool will be cashed back to the Mizzers, so they will retain 85% on their earning.

Rule 2:

Every Sharks can join DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in each area. Members of every DAO can create proposals and vote for any policy in this area, e.g. to increase or decrease tax, ADP Pool usage.
Tax & DAO mechanism

Economy-building mechanism

MissionMap has a special economy-building mechanism:
  • The Mizzers are the Mission Makers that are the entry point to the economy because they are the persons who will directly use MIZ tokens to create missions with a desire that gathering information or achieve their own desires.
  • Besides, collecting taxes from completing tasks is also a point to help MissionMap achieve 2 goals for the economy:
    • The Sharks will receive a part of the money from tax collection with LOT that they own when there are completed missions in the above area. This is the difference of MissionMap's NFT LOT compared to other projects' land NFTs when MissionMap's NFT LOT generates cash flows from a sustainable economy.
    • A portion of the tax cash flow will be created into the local development fund ADP (Area Development Plan). This fund will help the economic development of the local area having completed missions. Moreover, with the DAO mechanism, Sharks can vote on important issues of the area they own such as tax increases or decreases, or how to use the same area development fund.